The Rose Hill Diaries


THE ROSE HILL DIARIES is a radio drama-styled podcast that premiered in late summer of 2016.  Inspired by old-time radio programs, the show will focus on the character of Zedediah Stone, a reporter investigating the mysterious closing of the Rose Hill Asylum for the Mentally Insane.  All is not what it seems once he sneaks through the cemetery gates, however.  What will Zed find waiting for him in the abandoned grounds and buildings of Rose Hill?  There are definitely things that go bump in the night, and they don't like to be disturbed.  And sometimes, they don't like to let intrusive guests leave unpunished...

Find out what happens to our intrepid reporter on THE ROSE HILL DIARIES right now, by going to our "Episodes" page, or iTunes..

Created and arranged by James Weippert, THE ROSE HILL DIARIES is a collaboration project between a group of friends, all of whom are active in the arts in some way: writing, acting, directing, all facets of the performing world.  A longtime lover of both old radio shows and voice acting, Weippert worked for years to bring Rose Hill to fruition.  The cast and crew is thrilled to be bringing this project to the world.  We invite you to join us inside the sprawling grounds of Rose Hill, where we will look into the depths of humanity...whether we like what we see, or not.

Season Two premiered in the beginning of October, 2017.

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