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Episode Ten - "How Darkly The Dark Hand"

Here it is! The FINALE of SEASON ONE!

Confronted by the sinister Dr. Isaac, Zed is forced to make a decision regarding his journey into the secrets of Rose Hill. Will he continue onward, or will he turn back and give up? If he is even able to...

The Rose Hill Diaries is created and produced by James Weippert.  This episode was also written and edited by James Weippert.

The character of Zed was voiced by James Weippert, the character of Dr. Isaac Whiting was voiced by Michael Bradley, the character of Dr. Silas Marshall III was voiced by Timothy Simpson, and the character of Mary Worthington was voiced by Evelyn Dumont.

The Rose Hill Diaries theme was composed and performed by Mike Themistocleous.

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See you next season!

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